Tucson Vacation Rental Management

Our unrivaled full service management package includes all of the following services:

Expert Listing Design
We will design a listing for your property that features compelling photos and immersive descriptions

Distribution Optimization
We use OTA optimization and SEO to promote your home on the most profitable channels - giving your home the best chance to stand out in front of millions of visitors daily

Revenue Management
We use a combination of human evaluation and cutting edge A.I. to constantly scan the local market to find trends and opportunities to determine the best price for your listing on a daily basis

24/7 Guest Support
We have a dedicated 5 member team to answer guest phone and email inquiries 24 hours a day ensuring you never miss a potential reservation

Lodging Tax Payment
We will collect and remit all required lodging taxes on your behalf saving you the headache of dealing with the AZ Department of Revenue

Guest Screening
Our software searches social media and national registries to screen out fraudulent and problematic guests

We will have our cleaning team touch-up your property prior to guest arrivals and then perform a full turnover clean including linens upon guest departure

After each guest stay we will supply and restock the consumable supplies in your property including, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent, etc.


Yeah... it happens and someone's got to deal with it - we will dispatch and coordinate with the necessary contractors to resolve guest maintenance requests

For Owners Who Want Paychecks

Instead of Headaches

    Let's Do it!     

Strategic Partnerships To Keep Your Home Rented

Airbnb and VRBO are not sufficient to keep your home rented during the off season. That's why we have spent years developing strategic partnerships with others who need temporary housing beyond just vacation travelers.


The demand for traveling nurses has skyrocketed over the last few years, Hospitals will pay a generous per diem for their accommodations


Consultants, adjunct professors, and other business travelers need high end accommodations for extended stays


Davis-Monthan Air Force base hosts short-term training for multiple branches of the armed forces and national security


Not everyone is lucky enough to sell their house and buy a new one on the same day, often they need a place to stay in between


When the pipes break or the stove catches fire, people need a place to stay and insurance will pay for it


Often when people remodel their homes they don't want to live amidst the mess but they do want to stay in a rental nearby

Proud To Have Received...

Gain Time!

Gain Money!

Lose the Stress!

Over the last decade, TUCSON VACATION RENTALS has produced millions of dollars of rental revenue for property owners just like you.

Renting your second home can be a great way to cover your holding costs and earn additional income.

With the increased visibility of companies like Airbnb, demand for vacation rental lodging has grown dramatically over the last few years. However, very few people are aware of just how much work actually goes into succeeding as a vacation rental host.

We'll do all the work...

You just cash the rent checks

From managing calendars across multiple sites, constantly adjusting your rates, building your website, setting up credit card processing, dealing with late night check-ins, clogged toilets and guests who just cant manage to turn on the tv, to the constant demand of cleaning, laundry and restocking after every turnover...

Vacation Rentals are a LOT of work!

That's where we come in. We will take care of all of the frustrating parts of the vacation rental business and leave you to enjoy the fun parts.

Getting Started Is Easy!

We will help ensure that your property is properly set up with everything it needs to be a successful vacation rental.  We will provide you with an amenities list and even offer product recommendations if there are items you still need. When your property is ready, we will get high quality photographs and have your listing built, advertised, and ready to take reservations in a matter of days.